Skilled Migration

If you have skills that are in demand in Australia, you may be eligible to apply for a visa under this category.


If you are an Australian employer interested in sponsoring overseas employees or vice versa, we can assist you with the sponsorship process.

Family Visas

We can help you to choose the right family visa for your partner or children

About Us

D&D Immigration Services was born out of the necessity to assist migrants to settle lawfully in Australia by delivering excellent quality of services. We saw that migrants were looking for Registered migration agents who not only possess the skills and experience but also registered migration agents who are trustworthy and can speak in their native language.

We also saw a need to share our personal experiences in Australia in order to empower migrants and assist them throughout their migration process

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We are committed to study your particular case in depth and take each of our clients’ cases as personal


We have quality assurance processes in place in order to check that we are accurate and consistent with the way we operate our business


Our dedicated team is committed to address any issues in a timely and respectful manner

Practice Areas

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